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Our products are designed and built for indoor, domestic use (unless otherwise noted as "outdoor").

Dining tables are designed to be a gathering place for meals, and therefore intended to hold lightweight objects. Our dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, and end tables are not to be used as work tables. Placing extreme loads on them will cause damage and overturning. Do not allow children to climb on the tables.

Cabinets, end tables, sideboards, low boards, and case goods are intended to be placed safely against the wall. Bookcases designed as central units must have special consideration taken for their placement in the living space to assure the safety of children.

Floor standing mirrors are to be placed beside the wall and used with anti-skid rubber felt on the base to prevent the mirror from sliding.

Please carefully read through the Installation Manual before assembling the furniture and do not hesitate to call for professional help when needed.

Exercise extreme care during assembly and use the proper tools - for both the safety of yourself and the furniture.


Care & Maintenance of finished stain veneered surfaces.
Keep all stained veneered surfaces out of contact with liquids. If a liquid is poured on the surface immediately use a dry, soft cloth to soak it up and then use another clean, dry cloth to wipe off any remaining residue.

Avoid using rough or dirty cloth for cleaning as it may scratch the surface and the dirt may be left trapped in the veneer. Pieces with open pore effect finishing are especially at risk for this.

For daily cleaning of stain veneered surfaces, use a clean, dampened soft cloth. Avoid using aggressive detergent, acetone, solvents and abrasive cleaning agents on the surfaces. For greasy surfaces, we suggest wiping standard glass cleaning detergent over the surface, with the grain of the veneer. DO NOT spray the surface with the detergent; dampen a cloth with the detergent first.

Do not place the furniture near a fireplace or in areas above 113°F (45°C) as this may cause damage and deformation of the product.


Care & Maintenance of matt & glossy pigmented color painted surfaces.
For all cleaning make sure to use a clean, soft cloth to wipe with gentle pressure. A rough cloth may create minute scratches on the surface of your furniture inviting future damage.

Please note: Our products are constructed with wood base materials like MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and wood, and therefore can be very absorbent. Do not have excessive water on the floor while cleaning the space where the piece is housed in order to prevent prolonged or excessive absorption that can cause deformation of the wood and MDF.  


Care & Maintenance of lacquered surfaces, glass, metal parts & marble top.
For general care, use a soft, dry cloth to clean off dust. For fingerprints or slightly stubborn stains we recommend using a standard glass cleaner detergent solution that does not contain solvents and/or spirits. Avoid using cloths with rough fibers as they could scratch or ruin the surfaces.  

Please note that prolonged exposure of painted surfaces to the sun will cause discoloration and fading.

For marble surfaces, it is important to immediately clean off any dirt or stains that it comes in contact with to assure that the stains do not penetrate into the marble. Cleaning should be done with a soft fiber cloth to take away the dirt or stain, followed by using a clean soft dampened cloth to clean away any remaining residue. For best results, seal your marble surface with a high grade marble sealer every six months.


Care & Maintenance of Textiles.
All removeable fabric covers are dry clean only.

Leather and leatherette upholstery may be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth and mild detergent if necessary.  


Only dispose the product into an authorized disposal area.

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